Webflow vs Framer Comparison (2024): Differences, Features, Dev, UX Design
February 27, 2024
6 mins read
Webflow vs Framer 2024: know more about the expert's Comparison, Key Differences, Pricing, dev, coding, seo

Framer vs Webflow 2024: Key Differences, Interface, Development, Pricing, Marketing

Webflow vs Framer differences

Framer and Webflow are two popular choices in the UI/UX design world, but which one is right for your project? In this article, we’ll compare the key features of each tool to help you make an informed. Before jumping into the details about what sets each other apart, let’s know what Webflow and Framer are!

Webflow is a dynamic website-building platform that allows you to develop custom, responsive websites with the power of code. It gives design freedom with CSS features, different plans as per your need and as you scale, SEO tools, form data collection, and other Integrations.

Framer provides free design, layout tools, 4 site plans, 1 enterprise level plan, supports complex animation, provides control and sophistication with other app integrations. Framer is a no-code web builder that turns your designs into live websites effortlessly.

Framer vs Webflow: Comparison in Depth


  • Webflow offers features to create appealing websites with just a few clicks and drags.
  • Webflow gives a wide energy of options in Google Analytics, Zapier, and Mailchimp.
  • Webflow allows you to run ecommerce stores, run blog posts, introduce product listings, and more.
  • You can easily create a website if you’re just starting out, Webflow can offer extensive features for free including, 3D animations, ecommerce functioning, and more.


  • It's an innovative web design software which will help you create in a no-code way.
  • Web Designers can use Framer as an interactive tool and prototype website that can be used with less coding and figma.
  • Framer provide realistic experience by making you ease the development process. Focused on high-speed, interactive designs, and more.
  • Features: Layout, Effects, Site navigation, AI, Management, CMS, enterprise, and localization.

Webflow pricing

Features Overview - Webflow and Framer

Webflow Features

webflow features

Introducing Made in Webflow

  • Visual CSS grids can create complex grids into simple structures. You can adjust the size for each element and you can adjust layout with different sizes for attractive web design.
  • Responsive design with optimised surface: Webflow is best for ecommerce working and extensive designs. UI/UX design gives the best design on tablets, desktop, and mobile devices. You can create animated videos, add scrolling options, and additional information for extensive output.
  • Animation related tools can give interactive experience. Example : It gives link animation options, gives additional information, and other image elements for extensive options.
  • Templates and other components: You can get website design templates and other components that provide menus, sliders, forms, and more related to branding of the site.

Framer Features

framer features comparison to webflow

Ready-to-Remix Menus for Your Next Project

  • Advanced tools for 3D Animation: Farmer gives visual effect features with interactive design and you can experience scroll through the page. You can create your own animation style with react function.
  • Design System Support: It provides components and unique cases that are free to share with your working team.
  • Component library to copy/paste components b/w project and then add for management. Your team can use a design created by your teammates.

Development Overview - Webflow vs Framer‍

Webflow Development

  • Code transfer with paid function on Webflow: You can export code of HTML, Java script, and CSS for asset management. You can back up your code and share with clients when in need.
  • Code editor Integrations: Webflow provides compatibility with its standard Java script. This will help developers to create code components directly with Webflow. Those who are good at coding can use this feature for web design and development.
  • Built-in CMS: Webflow has a content management system which helps handle content for better business development. You don’t need to hassle with code or other design tools. As an ecommerce store owner, you can create form and blog options to scale up your business revenue with engagement.
  • Ecommerce management: Webflow provides features for managing products like inventory management, order tracking, product pages, and payment dashboard linked with Paypal, Mastercard, Stripe, Gpay, and more.
  • Integrations: Webflow can make you connect with marketing options, social media platforms, and customer engagement tools that is all possible with API integrations.

Webflow V/s Framer

Homepage of Webflow

Framer Development

  • Code Editor: You can extend it with Java and React by using an in-built code editor.
  • Code components: Framer can integrate with Calendly and Hubspot. If you have knowledge of code, then you can integrate with other tools.
  • Code Components: Framer allows HTML to make reactive websites as they can handle more traffic. Framer only have ES module based code.

Collaboration Overview of Framer and Webflow

Webflow Collaboration

  • Collaboration in Webflow designers: The team can work in coordination as they can edit content while focusing on designing and creating exceptional websites. Only one can work in ‘Design Mode’ and if others try to change then they can ‘Edit Mode’.
  • Version History: Webflow creates backup and site plan provides unlimited saving chances (Starter, Business, CMS, and more).

Framer Collaboration

  • Shared Projects: Framer allows collaboration via email. You can be an Editor or you can only read for free.
  • Feedback Collection: Framer gives space to comment on the canvas. This allows designers to point out the design which they need to change.
  • Real Time Collaboration: On Framer, many designers can work at the same time, but the Webflow account plan gives this feature.

Homepage of Framer

SEO and Coding - Framer and Webflow

seo comparison for webflow and framer

Webflow SEO and Coding

  • Accessibility to coding: You can access websites and can enhance accessibility for your visitors. HTML 5 tags and typography can elevate page structure with alt text attributes. It also offers pre-built elements which means screen reader keyboard. These wide range of services can give you better outcomes.
  • SEO Tools: Webflow performs a lot of SEO work, URLs, meta description, and other editing work that will help in designing smooth pages for high-traffic volume. Better hosting solutions for quick web loading and ecommerce selling with 301 redirects. SEO optimization can enhance website traffic.

Framer SEO and Coding

  • Services: Framer gives panels with a wide range of tools that can enhance accessibility for your website. This involves Alt text, frame tags, less motion, preference, and other animated options.
  • SEO Suggestions and Prototype: Framer allows one-tap availability to change pages, description, and URLs. Semantic and frame tags can enhance for quick loading times 10x faster. If you’re focusing on creating high-quality user interfaces, then you can use Framer.

Marketing Comparison - Webflow vs Framer

webflow marketing and framer marketing

Webflow Marketing

  1. Marketing Opportunities: Webflow provides great opportunities to enhance one's marketing business and they are specially for conversion. This platform gives the door to email marketing, social media, landing pages, and other forms related to marketing. If you’re managing a marketing blog, then it can offer a great platform to attract traffic.‍
  2. Portfolios and CMS: You can showcase your work on Portfolio that can make sales conversion easy. This is recommended for blogs and CMS as it offers on-page editing and pre-prepared content options. Impress your customers with engaging Web designs.
  3. ‍Ecommerce Website management: Webflow ecommerce website can provide integration with payment features, dashboard for order tracking, and customise checkout process.

Framer Marketing

  1. Mobile app development: Framer offers free access to UI /UX designers for designing interfaces for apps. Prototype and Built-in tools for feedback gathering. This will help us improve app prototypes and get remarkable UI for our website.‍
  2. UX testing: Framer gives user testing a new start by creating interactive prototypes to collect for feedback. User testing provides a better interface and website design that can give higher returns.
  3. Prototyping: It can make interactive and realistic designs. This gives a clear vision on how the website should move in a better way. Framer proves fast speed to the website on browser and on app.

Pricing Guide Plan

Webflow Pricing

  • Basic: $14 per month.
  • Starter
  • CMS: $13 Per month.
  • Business: $39 Per month.
  • Enterprise can be customised.

Framer Pricing

  • Free.
  • Mini : $5 Per month.
  • Basic : $15 per month.
  • Pro : $25 Per month.
  • Business.

AI Overview Comparison

While both Webflow and Framer offer some AI-powered features, their functionalities differ:

Webflow AI

Webflow is in the early stages of implementing AI features. Currently, it offers basic AI functionalities like design suggestions for spacing, layout, and style. It also has a content rewrite feature to generate variations of your written content.

Framer AI 

Framer boasts a more comprehensive suite of AI tools. It includes features like AI Styles for applying various design aesthetics to your project with a single click. Additionally, Framer offers AI Photo Generation and Editing, allowing you to create or modify images directly within the platform.

Our No-Code Verdict: Which is better Webflow or Framer?

Webflow takes control of design, and it has a strong visual editor in comparison to Framer. It gives access to design websites with freedom without using much code and you get a platform to work with your team at ease.

  • It has visual editors which provide an extensive level of design elements, uplifting schemes, captivating elements, and gears up your website visitors up to a large level.
  • Framer has limited features and has less design options to satisfy the demand of every ecommerce store.
  • Content Management system (CMS) native integration is available on Webflow that make it easy.
  • Framer fails at serving plugins, providing additional coding, and achieving mobile-friendly design in comparison to Webflow.
  • Webflow has seamless integrations and has evolved user satisfaction up to a level that is more than Framer. See how the community is talking about it.
  • Framer is limiting its customer base to use a wide range of website designing services by satisfying business needs.
  • Webflow provides scalability and multiple features at one place with many integrations to make your business successful online.
  • SEO friendly features are provided by Webflow and not by Framer, as it's focused on interactive designs, not on large marketing outputs.
  • You can access picture perfect designs, layouts, inspiring elements, and hassle-free experience in less cost.
  • Framer has a steep learning curve and designers with deep knowledge of coding can only manage JavaScript. On the other hand, Webflow provides accessibility to anyone who wants to star their online business as it requires less time.
  • Simple to use Webflow has many benefits, but framers has fast idea validation and if we talk about animation support, Webflow is ahead.
  • Webflow provides learning material, video tutorial, engaging webinars, and Webflow university gives video lectures to master design tool.
  • Framer has short connectivity, minimum customer support, and reduced relation with HTML and CSS.

overview comparison of webflow and framer infographic

As a Webflow design agency, we support webflow and recommend it to our clients as this gives more possibilities in less amount. Framer is good if you’re focusing on design, UI, and needs pre-constructed elements for website design.

At The Alien Design, Our experienced Web Designer will develop the best strategy for your upcoming website or ecommerce store. We’ll use Webflow no-code platform to create your dream website for you by considering your product, visuals, budget, website interaction with other necessary things. You can also compare it with Webflow against Wordpress and Webflow versus Wix as well.

In Today's time of 2024, You can create your online business, sell products, and make money with easy to make website creators. As you know, website design is not easy. So, we’ll help you in creating a perfect website that is ready to sell products.


Webflow is much better as it provides multiple options at one place. Framer resources give templates, academy, design, UI/UX interface, and other things.

If you talk about Website design and development until it’s launching day. We’ll support your business idea and serve the website that you wanted for your startup.

Our expertise is for businesses who want to succeed in their endeavours. As experience and Interface attracts leads. Let's discuss your website with webflow.

Currently documenting the journey of building a Product | Co-founder at Alien. I am passionate about the creative field, which led me to initiate my journey into business with a focus on digital products. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find solace in traveling and taking breaks from city life, often indulging in trekking adventures.

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What distinguishes Webflow from Framer?

Webflow excels in website customization and offers extensive integration options for e-commerce. On the other hand, Framer focuses on enhancing design capabilities and streamlining the selling process through interactive prototypes.

What features does Webflow offer for website creation?

Webflow provides design freedom with CSS, integration options with Google Analytics, Zapier, and Mailchimp, as well as functionality for running e-commerce stores, blogs, and product listings. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features make it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

How does Framer enhance the website design process?

Framer offers innovative tools for creating interactive prototypes and realistic user experiences with its layout options, animation capabilities, and design system support. It focuses on high-speed design iterations and sophisticated UI/UX designs, making it ideal for app interfaces and advanced web designs.

What are the advantages of using Webflow over Framer?

Webflow provides comprehensive design access, extensive customization options, and integration opportunities with various tools and platforms. It is particularly suitable for high-performing SEO-optimized websites, scalable e-commerce businesses, and projects requiring extensive design flexibility.

Which platform is more cost-effective for website development: Webflow or Framer?

Webflow offers a range of pricing plans starting from $14 per month, providing excellent value for its features and capabilities. Framer, on the other hand, offers free and paid plans starting from $5 per month, but its focus on design sophistication may be more suitable for certain projects requiring advanced prototyping and interaction design.