Webflow Pricing Guide: Everything You Need to Know
February 26, 2024
6 mins read
webflow pricing guide

Choosing the right Webflow plan: A detailed pricing Guide.

Webflow pricing Guide.

Webflow pricing can be confusing if you don’t know which is right for you. As it depends on your needs, business demand, & your budget. Webflow can make your ecommerce store efficiently with the help of clear concepts & themes.

Webflow pricing Guide.

Basically, the free version is for trial but if you want to expand your features if you have to pay for the services. Its versatile features include no. Of web pages, options, & other ecommerce features.

Pricing plans:

There are two unique plans designed by Webflow as per your business needs.

It has site plan & account plan as every business requires. Account plan required to create website with Webflow. Site plan charges per site & it gives permission of a custom domain.

Let's discuss these 2 plans in depth:-

Webflow account plans:

If you’re just starting out with the website creation, then you can try this free account plan to test your business potential. 

Features you will get with Webflow account plans:-

  • No-code website & interactions for smooth finish.
  • Unlimited hosted website for projects.
  • 3D object manipulation for unique interface.
  • Flexbox.
  • Global Swatches.
  • Custom fonts for unique designs.
  • Client billing customization.
  • Reusable symbols for shiny outlook.

Individual account plans:

Web Designers & their clients can use this Individual account plan. If you only need 1–2 websites, this free account plan is great.

But if your client requires a custom website for their SaaS business, then the site plan will work. Because they require site plan for their full-fledged website.

Level of the 3 individual account plans: Webflow pricing guides.

  1. Starter : With the starter plan, you can build 2 websites with Webflow. It’s free to create your own website, so you don’t need any trial period for the payments. You only use few pages to sell your product online.

Limitation: You can’t export code or import your site’s other accounts. 

  1. Lite : Now you can create 10 websites with this plan. You can easily export your codes & transfer your project.

Especially for web designers ( freelancer ) who are creating less than 10 Webflow sets for their client.

Lite plan = $16 USD per month if you pay annually.

  1. Pro:- Webflow pro account plan is for freelancer who are handling 10+ Webflow website at one particular time & serving customized websites to their client. And add-ons features like white-labelling & password protection.

Pro Plan: $35 USD per month when annually paid.

Individual account plans are for freelance web designers who are handling clients as per the number of website needs.

Team Account Plans.

Webflow team account are especially for big agency in website designing & businesses dealing with multiple set of projects.

It provides 2 account plans for teams options.

  • Team :- The Team account includes all the features in the pro plan, but it includes unlimited projects. You can create team dashboards that will make it easier to function. Team plan will make everything smooth for your whole team including designers, developers, SEO specialist, & other team members to make their work successful.

Plan : $35 USD per person per month (annually)

  • Enterprise:- If you’re unsatisfied with the team feature as a website designer or agency. You can create other plan as per your needs.
Webflow pricing Guide

Webflow site plans.

The main goal of this site plan is to connect Webflow site with custom domains.  Mainly to invite collaborators & to enable ecommerce functions to run your store.

Every site plan have these features: Webflow Pricing Guide.

  • Advanced SEO capability.
  • Passcode protection.
  • Back up & version.
  • Fast loading of site.
  • Built-in security.
  • Urgent scaling.

The plans are divided into website plan & ecommerce store. Plans for exception business related outcome.

Website Plans.

This feature involves blogs, forums, business website, membership, & news related website.

  • Basic: This plan is for simple websites that are up to 100 pages & for 25,000 monthly visits. Best option for static website for marketing purpose. Not contain any CMS & other features as in Account & site plans.

Basic Plan = $12 USD per month (When paid annually)

  • CMS : This CMS plan is specially for blogs & content related sites. This amazing offer can handle up to 100,000 visitors & this also includes functionality.

CMS Plan = $16 USD per month ( When billed annually)

  • Business Plan: These are for big websites that generate higher number of traffic like 1 million monthly views.  Big businesses like Hubspot, G2, & other great marketing content blogs. 

This includes unlimited form submissions & CDN band with limit is 2x as comparison to CMS.

Plan = $36 USD per month (when billed annually)

  • Enterprise: This includes everything in the business plan and extra. It includes extra support features that can be customized as per your needs.

Freelancers & SME can use CMS & Basic plan, on the other side large agency can use business plan to attain high traffic.

Ecommerce Web Plan: Web flow Pricing Guide.

Webflow pricing Guide

Webflow pricing Guide.

If you’re planning to create ecommerce stores, than this plan can uplift your business.

Basic plans, standard plan, plus plan, & advanced plans can make your next ecommerce website.

In the basic level, you’ll get a shopping cart & check out page for payments collection. Ecommerce store need to be smooth, payment efficient, for product showcasing, & more.

All Webflow ecommerce plans can provide features:-

  • Payment collection via PayPal & Stripe at ecommerce store.
  • Email template for sale.
  • Integrate CMS.
  • Custom shopping cart & checkout pages.
  • Automatic tax.
  • Social media connection.
  • Mail chimp management.
  • Custom shipping plans.
  • Google Analytics & Shopping management.


This plan provides features that you need to start selling products on the website. This provides you to store 500 products & includes all feature of CMS website.

Ecommerce site that generate more than $50,000 sales annually. You can sell products like clothes, shoes, books, grocery, & more.

Plan Price = $29 USD per month ( Annually billed )

Plus :- Ecommerce websites are stable & have $200,000 per year sales. You can add up to 1000 items plus have other business website features. It doesn’t have a transaction fee on top of payment processor fee. You can receive feedback on your service by providing high-quality products online.

Plan Price = $74 USD per month (Annually Billed)

Advanced :- Advance plan is for ecommerce store that are making $200,000 in sales.

You can add up to 3000 items & all other features plus ecommerce plan. 3000 items space is enough for a business to start.

Price = $212 per month ( Billed annually )

Which plan is perfect for you?

After reviewing the plans on this Guide, you can decide that is perfect for you as per your business needs. If you’re just starting, invest small & scale results, afterward you can get other expensive plans for your big business.

Which is right for you:- Freelancer, agency, Large business, & Enterprise.

  • The starter plan.
  • The Lite Plan.
  • The Pro Plan.
  • The Team Plan.
  • The Enterprise Plan.

You can select from these plans before building a Webflow website.

  • The CMS website plan.
  • Business Website plan.
  • Standard Web plan.
  • Plus ecommerce plan.
  • Enterprise plan.
  • Advanced Ecommerce plan.
  • Basic Web Plan.

As per Web & App designers, you can select your plan by deciding what features you need to start your business online. Webflow will never disappoint you as it contains other special functions to use.

Webflow features that can change your ecommerce Functioning.

  • Forms : You can collect information from various ways including text boxes, check boxes, & drop-downs to get better insights.
  • Templates : You will get attractive templates, designs, layouts & ecommerce store features for better outcome on business growth. These templates will save uptime by delivering attractive websites.
  • Custom code & customs domain : This will save your time by providing code support & give allowance of custom domain for your website. These custom codes can make your path easier.
  • Animations : You will get animated designs for your website for exceptional ecommerce products store. Animated designs can give better output.
  • Integrations with Other platforms: You can integrate with social media platform, e-mail platforms, & variety of product / services. Integrations can uplift your services/products online.
  • Best UI/UX interface: UI/UX web design can give exceptional interface for ecommerce products. You can experience great web designs by taking this Webflow on-hand.

Webflow gives better outcome on ecommerce websites by delivering exceptional sites for selling of products. You can achieve success on sales if you have right product, right website, & right strategy to make revenue.

If you have product decided than you can sell those items online by giving the right strategy. Webflow interface now will deliver features as per your business needs & product category.

For these specified plans, you can select one. Now you have a site which can listen to your business requires from start to end on just one platform.

Make your decision, create a roadmap, get product ready, get a good photo shoot, design your site, & sell your product online by just clicks a few buttons.

We’re here at the alien are ready to design your Webflow site as we have experienced team of web developers & UI/UX designer who are focused on their work. We will take your views & decide your website themes that will your ecommerce website beautiful.

Webflow Pricing Guide for Ecommerce: Detailed overview.

Webflow can give a boost to your ecommerce business by providing needed outlook.

If you’re searching for a website plan, then here are complete information about Webflow web plans that can change your website development strategies.

You can switch to monthly bills, annual bills, & upgrading to monthly site plans can make your decision easier while deciding your web plans.

For Freelancers & Agency owners need to collaborate with clients. They need to solve various problems inside the projects' lifecycle & they require plans focused on their clients needs & pricing tailored as per project needs.

Webflow pricing Guide

We have guest access to client workspaces with full design access without paying an additional fee at the same time. 

Site plans include Starter for hobby, basic for static website, CMS for blog / content driven sites, Business for big sites, Enterprise for very big businesses, & localization for audiences -$9/month. It can drive global traffic, gives machine powered translation, & customize your site with additional features.

Now let's dive in the reality of website designing.

Website development & UI UX designing is not that easy. It takes lengthy hours to complete 1 website for ecommerce from arranging codes to preparing it for payment & launching. 

As a Website designer or ecommerce business owner, you must understand your market, target audience, & website themes for getting the real output at once.


As you know from our past blogs that we produce UI/UX design for SaaS businesses to make them a big success.

As this Webflow make us confident by providing high-quality layouts, designs, themes, & much more to give ecommerce stores a new profitable option.

Web flow is free for educators & students. They can use it for CMS, Live Projects, that is quick, easy, & powerful.

You can compare it with WordPress and can experience various results that can’t be achieved by your traditional plan. Webflow has other easy, automatic, & wonderful features that can blow your mind. 

Ecommerce stores need user-friendly navigation, site search, footer navigation, product videos, chatbots, return policy gateway, email Opt-ins, push notification, FAQ, product availability filters, app, personal data info, & order tracking for products that needs to be delivered.

Features of ecommerce websites that we use to make your Webflow website profitable:

  • Business Logo.
  • User-friendly navigation.
  • Wishlist.
  • Store finder.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Search bar for product shopping.
  • Risk educators.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Text content.
  • Newsletter sign up.
  • Payment System icons.
  • Social media links.
  • Link to about pages.
  • Live chat.
  • Navigation.
  • Product sorting & filtering.
  • Page description.
  • Product Title.
  • Add to cart.
  • Cart details & payment gateway.
  • Final Price.
  • Address to bill.
  • Side bar.
  • Social share buttons.
  • Dashboard reporting tools.
  • Customer management.
  • Content Management.
  • Order & shipping information.
  • SEO.
  • Root file upload.
  • Tracking code integration.
  • Interactive design.
  • Quick loading.
  • Automatic site backup.

As per research, from 2017-23, ecommerce businesses making apps by 121% more & downloads going up by 27% to make it a hit. This increases marketing communication, offer personalized shopping experience, drives conversion, & increases business brand value.

As an Ecommerce startup owner, you can select your site plan by deciding on your budget, product value, & future endeavors. Webflow proved 750+ integrations including HubSpot, Google sheets, Marketo, Slack, Airtable, & Zapier

Building Alien and helping startups and enterprises with Branding, Websites, Mobile & Web Apps. Alien crew deployed 20+ Projects across industries in the last two and half years: - Banking - Financal services - Ecommerce - Healthcare - Edutech - Enterprise softwares

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What are the key differences between Webflow's account plans and site plans?

Webflow's account plans focus on individual users or freelancers, offering features like no-code website creation, unlimited hosted websites, and 3D object manipulation. In contrast, site plans cater to specific websites, charging per site and granting custom domain permissions. These plans are ideal for businesses and agencies looking to create and manage multiple projects efficiently.

Can I upgrade my plan as my business grows?

Yes, Webflow offers scalability in its plans, allowing users to upgrade as their business needs evolve. Whether you start with a free account plan for trial purposes or a basic site plan for a small website, you can easily transition to higher-tier plans like the Pro or Enterprise plans to accommodate growth and unlock additional features.

What features are included in Webflow's ecommerce plans?

Webflow's ecommerce plans provide a range of features essential for running an online store. These include payment collection via PayPal and Stripe, email templates for sales, custom shopping cart and checkout pages, automatic tax calculations, social media integration, and Google Analytics for tracking and managing sales performance.

How does Webflow support team collaboration in its plans?

Webflow offers team account plans tailored to businesses and agencies requiring collaboration. The Team plan includes all features of the Pro plan with unlimited projects, facilitating smoother workflow and coordination among designers, developers, SEO specialists, and other team members. Additionally, the Enterprise plan offers customizable support features for larger organizations.

What factors should I consider when choosing the right Webflow plan for my business?

When selecting a Webflow plan, consider factors such as your business size, website complexity, budget, and growth projections. Assess your need for features like custom domains, ecommerce functionality, team collaboration tools, and scalability options. By aligning your requirements with the available plans, you can make an informed decision that supports your business goals effectively.