Webflow vs Squarespace (2024) : Which is Right For Your website?
March 1, 2024
5 mins read
webflow vs squarespace

Webflow V/S SquareSpace : What to choose for best performance.

Webflow vs Squarespace

Comparing Webflow & Squarespace is not easy. You need to explore the benefits & disadvantages of both, pricing, & overview of their user experience.

When we discuss building a website, we can create an all-in-one solution for businesses who want to create seamless web pages for personal use, ecommerce, & artists who want to have attractive startups.

Square space is a web design company founded in 2003. Target audience in ecommerce stores, for artists, & photographers. 

Benefits of Squarespace:

  • Squarespace has remarkable designs that will work best for your needs. It will provide 14-day trial to create your website and launch it on search engine without any payment.
  • Tested on various gadgets like mobile, laptop, desktop, & large screen. SquareSpace has the best UX of mobile as most of the traffic convert from smartphone.
  • Fast to make website can be created from SquareSpace. As it requires no code, technical experience, or any development skills. You only require an idea to implement. Pre-designed web pages for beginner & small business owner.
  • 24 ×7 customer support when you create a website on the platform. If you’re facing any problem than you can connect to customers by just sending request you matter will seek out.
  • You can export your website content on XML file. SquareSpace helps to transfer site pages, Blogs, attachments, & tags. And afterward, you can transfer your content from Squarespace to other platforms.
  • WordPress to Squarespace you can use URL redirects to transfer traffic from one page to other active pages. This will increase visitors on the website.
  • Square space is for making quick online presence by using domain, making logo, SEO tools, marketing with email, ecommerce store, & other blogging platforms. 
webflow vs squarespace

Disadvantages of Squarespace:

  • Expensive service to maintain a website. Personal website = $12 per month, $18, $26, $40 provides enhanced ecommerce features which provides zero payment fee, cart recovery, shipping details, & discount pages.
  • You don’t need to upgrade to just have a portfolio website or to waste your money on a Business plan. 
  • Limited design customization as it doesn’t have any use of code. Squarespace can be frustrating to designers if they’re making high-quality design. Webflow can help you get best designs.
  • Poor Website Editor as you need typography & themes to achieve the better website. You need to save the work before heading forward for attractive interface.
  • Squarespace has only one navigation, so you can’t try multiple templates & other features. 
  • Slow load to websites as they create unnecessary coat on the backend. Difficulty of the website to load can make you lose customers fast.

Squarespace is for people who want to present their work in front of their customers. If you’re a person of do-it-yourself way, then Squarespace is the perfect solution of your website generation issue. But if you’re looking for a customization feature to solve big business problems with a valuable website that Webflow can change your life.

webflow vs squarespace

Webflow V/S Squarespace: Why Webflow over Squarespace.

Webflow is a less code website builder, a Content management System, & a hosting platform. It helps designers to make strong professional website in a visual style. You get the benefit of making your customizable website from scratch is less cost with various integrations, animation, UI/UX editors, & other features.

  • Website design & development is not two ways options as per the platform. Web designers use mock-ups UI/UX, wireframes, & other necessary asset to present the website. Then they need to depend on developers to make your design possible. With design & built feature, you’ll create better designs.
  • Fast load with clean code as Squarespace adds unwanted codes to your site & Webflow is powered by CSS, HTML, and Java Script for higher traffic.
  • To create extensive designs with rich animation, you need the coding knowledge of CSS & JavaScript. But with Webflow, you can create animations in less time & with more efficiency for beautiful interactions on the Website.
  • Design with ease with proper layouts, flex child setting, & other alignments. You can transform the desktop view to mobile view. 
  • Webflow provides Content Management System with collection of templates, on-page editing function, & collection settings.
  • Custom SEO setting for on-page optimization, CMS content, description, & meta titles to get the automatic functions. Webflow web gets free SSL, site search setting, custom code, Utility pages, & open graph setting.
  • Full support & learning resources. It has Webflow University with blog, forum, & community with customer support to answer any question. 
  • Your design is in your control by taking check of CSS, JavaScript, & HTML to make visual canvas. You can easily transform your design into clean & strong code which is ready to publish.

Squarespace V/S Webflow: Ease of Use: Choose your Right?

Webflow provides the best built-in ecommerce framework, but it is more pricey if you want additional features. Spare space on the other hand has beginner features for ecommerce with well-adjusted app.

In Business Website matter, Webflow gives marketing features & integration with Google Analytics, Zapier, & Mailchimp. Best for Marketing, Ecommerce, & artistic work & not for quick work. Integration can make your work easier on one platform.

UI/UX design includes user behavior research, information structure, wireframing, & interface layout. 

New generation UI design includes scoping, strategy, structure, user retention, & consistent user design to get higher ROI.

Squarespace is about images, visuals, & templates for portfolios related to art. It's for simple blog posting with SEO. Highly-customizable blogging tool, but not too many blogs at a time. 

  • Webflow offers highly-customized website & it delivers simplification while you create the best project.
  • Square space offers very simple experience while creating designs & final product. It's for beginners who want to launch their portfolio & Webflow is for professionals.
  • Using Webflow requires website editing, layout formation, designing skills, & other interactive features for ecommerce business.
  • Square space doesn’t have many features & integrations as Webflow. But Squarespace is known for quick starting of Ecommerce store than Webflow. But Webflow is durable for long term, growth & large number of sales.
  • Webflow is for those who want full freedom while creating design as per their demand, but with square space you can create pre-designed visuals.
  • Webflow editor has detailed & make you get extensive features & personalization, but Squarespace has fewer features but quite easy to start with. Webflow gives large control over your store with special ecommerce plans.
  • Webflow offers scalability, interface, & durable growth & that is worth its prize. Squarespace offers the best value for small websites to start with less investment. Webflow is not easy to use but have potential to show out business up than another web design platform.

Webflow provides automatic backup, and making up previous version of site. Squarespace gives backup of your site & you can restore page within 30 days. Both are great at security & offers remarkable performance of the site.

Webflow v/s Squarespace Pricing.

Cheapest Ecommerce Plan.

Webflow = $29 Per Month.

  • Sell 500 Products.
  • 2 % transaction cost.
  • Customize the website.

SquareSpace = $23 Per Month.

  • Sell unlimited products.
  • 3% transaction cost.
  • Completely customize the layout.
  • Sell courses & subscription.

Services they offer:

  • Mobile-friendly design: As more than half of website traffic come from smartphone.
  • Automatic SEO sitemap : For search engines to make connections between pages.
  • You can link social media: To market your services on the website.

Advance Ecommerce Plan.

Webflow = $212 / Month.

  • You can Sell 15,000 Products.
  • No transaction Cost.
  • 15 staff accounts.
  • Custom Shipping rate by area.
  • Third party integration.

Squarespace = $49 / Month.

  • Sell infinite products.
  • No transaction cost.
  • Set custom shipping cost by area.
  • Left out cart recovery.

Squarespace Pricing:

Personal: $16 / Month. 

  • Free Custom Domain.
  • Templates for website design.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • SEO features.
  • Video hosting.
  • 24/7 customer.
  • SSL security.
  • AI.
  • Extension.
  • Custom Merch & more.

Business: $23 /Month.

  • Fully integrated ecommerce.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Free Custom Domain.
  • Advance Website Analytics.
  • Templates to fit.
  • Complete customization.

Commerce Basic: $27/Month.

  • Power Merchandise.
  • Full ecommerce support ( 0% transaction fee) & others of Business plan.

Commerce Advanced: $49 / Month.

  • Advanced Discounting.
  • Advance shipping.
  • Sell subscription.
  • Domain security.
  • Full ecommerce support ( 0% transaction fee) & others of Business plan.

Webflow Pricing.

Starter - Free plan | 2 pages, 1k visitors, 50 CMS.

Basic ( Simple /Static Site) | $14 / Month = 150 Pages, 500 form submission, 0 CMS, 250K visitors.

CMS ( Content Driven site )  | $23/Month = 2K CMS items, 250k Visitors, 1k form submission, & more.

Business ( For Larger Sites ) | $39 / Month = 10K CMS items, 2.5k form submission, 300k Visitors, 10 Content editors.

Enterprise ( Customizable ) | Uncapped users, Advanced collab, Guaranteed SLA, Security, & Customer success.

webflow vs squarespace

Marketing & SEO strength : Webflow gives analytics feature to get insights on website performance. Squarespace has an email marketing campaign to boost communication & promote the site.

Apps & Integration: Squarespace has integration of 24 apps of product management & SEO. Webflow has more options which provides reliable experience.

Webflow pricing may seem to be higher, but its value is much greater. Every price spent on Webflow will transform into strong website for those who give value to growth, durability, & freedom. 

Squarespace is best for small websites who want to start fast. It has more attractive plans but gives fewer options & limited services.

If we conclude the comparison between Webflow V/S Squarespace. Webflow wins the games as it gives ecommerce features, design features, advanced features, & unique integration options for better online business journey.

If you have a plan to launch a business then go for Webflow as it will deliver guaranteed results with strong foundation. As it transforms the website at big ventures like Philips, TED, Dropbox, Monday, The New York times, & IDEO. That's prove its worth.

Webflow v/s Squarespace v/s Wix.

Wix is dependent on templates & Webflow is dependent on customizable options. Wix provides pre-made templates under different categories like creative, Business, & community of 800 types.

Able to integrate with 300 Apps to grow the business. But when it comes to ecommerce, only Wix is above Webflow. It has a built-in Artificial Design Intelligence ( ADI) that will create customized website.

But Wix can’t make you transfer from an existing site after selecting a template. Webflow gives capability of controlling  CSS, JavaScript, & HTML. 

If We compare Wix & SquareSpace, both starting at same price, but Wix offers more customizable options & multiple options for online selling. Squarespace is for beginners & gives marketing services.

If We compare Wix & Webflow, you can use Wix as a new user without any experience as it is totally dependent of templates. On the other side, Webflow provides various ecommerce elements.

Wix has 800+ design templates, video hosting, drag & drop UI, domain, Mobile app feature, ADI, tracking, & have limited interaction.

Wix Pricing: For Personal Use - $14 per month.

Unlimited for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs - $18 per month.

Pro for Complete online branding - $23 per month.

VIP for first priority support - $39 per month.

Wix can add unwanted code to your website that will slow your website & Webflow is supported by HTML, JavaScript, & CSS. Design responsive & UI optimized interface with Webflow to get the layout you need. 

On Wix you have less access to animations & interactions as it's for small sized businesses. But Webflow provides flexibility & design elements to update your business.

You’ll get versatile features on Webflow as per your chosen plan, from building to designing. Price might be higher in comparison to other web design platforms, but it's worth your time & money. Wix is not that strong as Webflow.

Wix is for complete beginner like a freelancer and Webflow is for SaaS business, large agency, tech giant, enterprise, & more who requires extra traffic load to run their business.


After comparing Squarespace, Wix, & Webflow we came on a conclusion that Webflow is the king of all development & design steps. You just need to decide about your business requires & stage of your journey.

At the Alien Design, We try to execute your plans as per your market demand. As we want you to grow smoothly & with right strategy, steps, & marketing.

Let's turn your idea into reality.

Just work is our priority. 

Currently documenting the journey of building a Product | Co-founder at Alien. I am passionate about the creative field, which led me to initiate my journey into business with a focus on digital products. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find solace in traveling and taking breaks from city life, often indulging in trekking adventures.

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What are the key differences between Webflow and Squarespace?

Webflow offers more customization options with its less-code approach, while Squarespace provides simplicity with its pre-designed templates. Webflow is favored by professionals for its advanced design capabilities, while Squarespace is popular among beginners for its ease of use.

How does pricing compare between Webflow and Squarespace?

Webflow's pricing starts from a free plan and offers tiered pricing based on features and usage, while Squarespace offers various plans starting from $16 per month for personal websites and $23 per month for business websites. Webflow may seem higher in cost but offers more value for long-term growth and customization.

Which platform is better for e-commerce: Webflow or Squarespace?

Webflow offers robust e-commerce features with its integrated framework and customization options, making it suitable for businesses looking for advanced online stores. Squarespace also provides e-commerce functionality, but it is more beginner-friendly and may be suitable for quick online presence setups.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Squarespace?

Squarespace excels in providing sleek designs, ease of use, and customer support, making it ideal for beginners and small businesses. However, it may be limited in design customization, and its pricing can be expensive compared to other platforms like Webflow.

Why should one choose Webflow over Squarespace?

Webflow offers unparalleled design flexibility, scalability, and advanced features like custom SEO settings, CMS management, and integrations. It empowers professionals and businesses with full control over their website design and functionality, making it a preferred choice for those seeking long-term growth and customization options.