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WOO Spaces  /  2022

Building a friendly neighborhood co-working space platform

WOO Spaces is an co-working space renting platform to make quality workspaces accessible for everyone in their neighbourhood. It also helps space owners to set up and host the co-working space available on the market. Like a Airbnb for co working spaces.

We were approached to bring the idea alive into a user friendly platform. We did a quick stakeholder interview and documented the discoveries which gave us a better understanding on

-The shot term & long term goal of the business, the role of the product and a clear expectations of the stakeholders
-Overall picture of the platform we are building and classify the type of user groups we are targeting and define pain points of each user group.

Project Focus
WEB Design
Responsive Design
User-Friendly WOO Spaces Interface: Seamlessly Accessible on PC and Mobile

Proto Persona

With the help of Proto Persona we covered the user groups defined the problem of each group which gave us a better understanding of the users for whom we are building the platform for.

views of Saketh Ram

Laxmi Tripathi

Space Owner, 40 yrs

Laxmi who lives in Nungambakkam, Chennai is working as CA with KPMG. As an ancestral property she owns an apartment in Perungudi. She wants to create a passive income out of the unused real estate. As Chennai is blooming with startups, she wants to lease it as commercial property to get higher income . Since the area is residential and relatively smaller to commercial spaces. So, not many companies are interested for listing the space.

Pain Points
  1. - Cannot find a listing platform which can bring consistent leads.
  2. - As a working professional, needs helps with setting up and managing.
  3. - Need a platform to manage her space remotely.
  4. - Need visibility to manage and track 360º of property from daily checkins to operational and revenue reports.
views of Saketh Ram

Ashitosh Chordia

Backend Developer, 24 yrs

Ashitosh who lives in Chennai, works as a Backend developer for the past 3 years. As a developer, he’s always loaded with tickets and works. He finds WFH as an ideal way to work as it reduces travel time to office and he can plan his schedule for utmost productivity. After COVID, he switched to full-time remote work for US company and he wants to find a place nearby to work.

Pain Points
  1. - Office is too far away from his home.
  2. - Need a fully managed private space with all ameneties
  3. - Should be accessible 24/7.

Structure & Flow

We then built an easy to navigate structure for the platform with a user flow & defined the hierarchy of the content with Information Architecture.

WNH website Structure and Flow


Once the structure was clearly set we then moved to the wireframe. With the pain points of each user group in mind, we iterated the wireframe several times and finalized a wireframe that would be simple and user-friendly. We made sure all the flows were effortless and easier for each user group.

Wireframe - Visual Blueprint for Website Design and Structure
Wireframe Workspace - Efficient Visual Planning and Design Tool
Visual Style

After a series of iteration we finalised the style that conveys the brand essence and make the engagement delightful.

Web Design

web designs
Vibrant and Colorful Web Designs
Eye-Catching Web Designs in Various Colors



Primary: Domine

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Secondary: Neue Haas Grotesk


Various Icons
Workspace Interface
Woo-Spaces Working Space
Woo-Spaces Working Space Interface on Mobile phone

Location Filter

We provided a location-based higher level filter to assist users in locating co-working spaces in their area, and, the map view gives a better idea of the distance of the workspace from their home which will help users make quicker decisions.

Location Filter Interface in Woo-Space
Effortless Booking Process

We’ve simplified the booking process into simple septs reducing the cognitive load for the users for a frictionless booking experience.

Woo-Spaces Booking process interface
Diverse Spaces at Woo Spaces - Your Ideal Co-working Environment
Host a space it’s easy as that

We’ve simplified the booking process into simple septs reducing the cognitive load for the users for a frictionless booking experience.

Woo Space Hosting interfaces
Woo Spaces - User-friendly Interface for Filling Details and Booking
Woo Spaces Booking interface
Woo Spaces Dashboard
Emerald Working Spaces at Woo Spaces - Inspiring and Productive Co-working Environment
Woo Spaces Get in Touch - Connect with Us for Co-working Space Inquiries
Woo Spaces: Sign Up for Quality Co-working Spaces
Different working Spaces
Working Spaces in Mobile interface
Woo Spaces Mobile Interface - Seamless Access to Co-working Spaces
Woo Spaces Mobile Interfaces
Woo Spaces Login Page