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Card 91  /  2022

Making Card Issuance easier for Businesses

Card91 provides businesses with a flexible platform to issue cards, monitor transactions and set payment rules. Alien was tasked to rethink their MVP product to make it seamless experience and intuitive. We ended up designing multiple products and a highly scalable design system.

Project Focus
App Design

We started with to understand about the business, users and the vision for the product. During the 3 days, we worked closely with Card91 team to understand the product in-depth, walkthrough the life of their users. We questioned the status quo, analyzed the root of the problem and brainstormed during the sessions.

Key Problems

The MVP was constructed with a focus on business, rather than card issuance.


Bulk issuing cards was confusing.


Card program management is complex.


Cardholder details and transactions are scattered


Businesses want to invite multiple team members to the platform


Shakunt Makhija

Executive Assistant
34 yrs
User personas-Shakunt Makhija

Shakunt works at Capital Float leading the strategic teams to build new products for increasing the capital distribution, evaluating risk for new instruments and innovating to keep the NPA low. He have been in the industry from 7 years and has an MBA in finance. He is not very enthusiastic about technology innovations but he always look for ways to leverage technology solutions for new opportunities of business growth.


-Complex integration banking infrastructre

-No analytics on capital flow


1. Simplify the card issuance process for employees at Capital Float.

2. Monitor transactions in real-time without having to navigate complex banking infrastructure.

3. Set customized payment rules to minimize the risk of non-performing assets

4. Analyze the movement of capital within the organization to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

Hari Prasad

Executive Assistant
34 yrs
User Persona- Hari Prasad

Hari prasad works at 3yr old Agrigrow Agritech startup, from the time of its inception. Agrigrow works towards streamlining income for the farmers through providing capital and buying the yeild at predetermined price as per contracts. Their primary job is to issue cards to the farmers and make sure amount for the yeild sold is credited.


-Complex and tedious process for issuing cards

-Difficulty in managing businesses transactions


1. Streamline the process of issuing cards to farmers, making it faster and 
more efficient.

2. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of managing business transactions.

3. Automate the payment process and reduce the occurrence of errors.

User flow of Cards 91
Cards 91 business details interface

Card Issuance Simplified

We designed the primary navigation to focus on cards and made the process of issuing cards intuitive, whether it's a single card or bulk cards. Every piece of information required to issue a new card to a team member or external contractor is gathered in a side sheet, reducing the need to switch between menus. Bulk issuing of cards by uploading an Excel file is made easy by displaying successfully created cardholders and separating failed card accounts, which helps users save a lot of time.

Cards 91: Discover our Cutting-edge Card Designs and Features
Cards 91 Bulk issue cards
Cards 91 Issue cards
Cards 91 Bulk Issue

Seamless Business management

All necessary business functions, such as API, sub-businesses, company profile, and essential contact information, are grouped together for easy access. We added a feature that allows users to allocate money to multiple sub-businesses at once, enabling them to select any number of businesses and transfer money in a single transaction.

Streamlined Subbusiness Details on Cards 91 Platform

Streamlined Card Programs

To simplify the complex process of managing card programs, we have consolidated everything under one menu. Improving the user experience, where users can easily set up custom rules and limits for each program, including transaction limits, restrictions on merchant categories, and more.

Cards 91 Payment Filling Details - Streamlined and Secure Transaction Process

One view for everything cardholder

During the MVP phase, users experienced difficulty accessing cardholder information as it was spread across multiple screens. To address this issue, we consolidated all relevant information into a single, easy-to-access side sheet. This modification has significantly improved user experience and simplified the process of accessing cardholder information

Cards 91 smart wallet

Easy Team management

Efficient team management and product access levels are critical for any B2B or collaboration tool. In the MVP, the account creation process involved multiple input fields, which made it cumbersome to add multiple members. We have now simplified the experience with an invitation model that minimizes input fields, greatly improving the user experience.

Inviting Admin Details - Cards 91: Streamlined Card Management Solution

Design System

We developed a scalable design system for consistent and efficient product designs. By creating UI components, typography, color palettes, and spacing guidelines, we streamlined the design process and collaborated better with our development team. Our design system helped us create effective designs that stood out in our clients' industries.

Cards 91 Design System