Salvage and Palmer Home Page Interface - Streamlined and User-Centric Design
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Savage & Palmer  /  2022

Modernizing Accounting Agency's Website for Better Engagement

Savage & Palmer is an accounting agency offering hands to business owners with accounting, management, marketing and handling expenses.

In order to improve the conversion rate and for better experience for their customers to discover their service better, we were approached to modernise the website and to engage users better

Project Focus
WEB Design
Salvage and Palmer Interface - Streamlined and User-Friendly Design
Brand Colour

Orange and dark aqua are good colours for an accounting firm that helps businesses with accounting work. Orange shows creativity, energy, and innovation, while dark aqua shows clarity, calmness, balance, and professionalism. Together, these colours can make the firm look friendly and professional.

Primary Colors for Accounting Firm
Primary Colors for Accounting Firm - Vibrant and Professional Branding Palette
Secondary Colors for Accounting Firm
Secondary Colors for Accounting Firm - Vibrant and Professional Palette

Manrope is a suitable choice for an accounting firm because it is a modern sans-serif typeface that is easy to read, conveys professionalism, works well in various contexts, and is designed with accessibility in mind. Its simplicity, versatility, and clarity make it a strong choice.

Manage your Expanses

Increase your Sales

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Salvage and Palmer Interface-User-Friendly Design
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