Stockal Interface: Streamlined and User-Friendly Stock Trading Platform
stockal interface
Stockal  /  2021

Designing a global investing platform

Stockal is a global investing platform helping investors from India & Middle east to invest in US stocks. The investors can diversify their investments into basket stocks, Theme based investing and Large funds. Stockal has also partnered with multiple financial companies enabling their clients to invest in global markets..

Project Focus
WEB Design
Responsive Design

Creating a Synonymous Experience

We designed a new mobile app along with a complete overhaul of the existing web platform. The navigation of the product is simplified to utmost essentials and easy to understand terms. Everything from asset discovery to order experience is maintained consistently across both web and mobile.

Stockal interface on PC and Mobile phones
Mobile phone displaying Stockal interface
Stockal Mobile App Interface

Shaped to be Agnostic

Stockal being a white-labeled platform, the design should work with all the partner brands cohesively. So, we decided on minimal timeless design - clean interface to complement dense data. The colors were deliberately chosen to be Brand agnostic but at the same time to feel actionable.

Stockal Portfolio: A snapshot of our investment platform in action
FAANGM Portfolio
FAANGM Portfolio: Leading Tech Giants' Logo Collection
FAANGM Portfolio: Innovative and Powerful Tech Giants
FAANGM Interface - Innovative and User-Focused Portfolio
Stockal Imterface
Stockal FAANGM Interface
investment interface
Stockal Mobile App Interface
Stockal Portfolio Interface
Stockal Review Interface
Stockal Remittance History Interface

Focus on Discovery and Contextualization

Investors are always in search for new opportunities and we wanted to ease that. So, we made home a place for discovery. The redesigned home is now an access point to all the various products offered by Stockal along the other discovery options.

For a financial platform, contextualization helps users to make the right decisions. Key information is placed across the app providing social proof, enhancing discoverability, building trust.

Stockal home page
Stockal Trading Interface
Stockal Trading Graph
Stockal Interfaces - Efficiently Managing Investment Sets
Stockal interface about Portfolio Summary
Stockal interface showing Remittance history
Stockal Interface about Review and Order
data shown
 Details Filling on Stockal Interfaces
Stockal Interface - Interactive Financial Data Display
Stockal Interface - Exploring Different Pages for Optimal Investing Experience
Stockal Mobile App - Exploring Blockchain Stocks on the Go
Stockal Homepage - Your Gateway to Intelligent Investing