Salvage and Palmer Home Page Interface - Streamlined and User-Centric Design
KRIYADOCS  /  2023

Revitalizing a Document Publishing SaaS Website for Enhanced User Engagement.

Kriyadocs is an end-to-end unified journal publishing platform that accelerates your entire publishing lifecycle.

In order to improve the conversion rate and for better experience for their customers to discover their solutions better, we were approached to redesign the website and to engage users better. We took a trendy direction that could attract a new age audience among their competitors and improve their conversion rate.

Project Focus
WEB Design
Front End Developement
Salvage and Palmer Interface - Streamlined and User-Friendly Design


We had created brand colors dynamically across the business to enhance the user attention and engagement. We created some unique assets across services to make the site look refreshing and one of it’s kind.


Stockal Mobile App Interface
Stockal Mobile App Interface

Web Design

We designed the website in such a way that, it’s more engaging to create curiosity to explore their solution and gauge enough attention towards their offerings. We had taken the direction to keep it Modern, Professional and also Minimal to make it interesting and echo the voice that the brands wants to.

Assets for every solution