Insider Insights: How to Kickstart Your Insurtech Company in 2024
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January 3, 2024
  • Technology is evolving & AI is changing the way insurance companies works. So, in this blog, you’ll get the overview of what type of trends are applicable in insurtech.
  • You’ll read about what advantages insurtech products deliver to gain maximum profit. Overview of upcoming trends that you must know in the insurance company.
  • Read about what startups are performing at their best in the insurance industry & details about what they serve.

How to Kickstart Your Insurtech Company in 2024

What is Insurtech company & how to start an Insurtech company?

Refers to the application of technology designed to find cost saving & efficient ways for insurance industry. Insurtech supports in process claim, getting contracts, & in understanding policies. You can use IOT, AI, & data analysis.

Top Technology trends of Insurance industry 2024 to notice

1. Automation & AI.

In 2024, insurance leaders should adopt a new skill set. A traditional candidate working in this industry must know technical & domain knowledge.

Ex: Analysis, Programming, & learning AI-driven solutions.

Few tasks can be automated but a healthy balance between human touch & automation.

By executing this advanced technology we have enhanced various aspects of insurance operations, including underwriting, & risk management.

2. Data Analytics in insurtech.

Data can make insurance industry a situation up lifter by taking up meaning decisions from the available data.

We will examine new market situation to improve profitability & risk assessment. To leverage the power of data analytics, a person should have excellent analytics skills.

Workers need to extract data, get actionable insights, give insights to stakeholder.

If you’re thinking about starting an Insurance company, you need to invest in training your workforce to make them skilled in data.

3. Shift goals to customer-centric business model.

Customer demand is rising on delivering personalized services is insurance world.

As a Insurtech company you must have innovative solutions, strong relationships, listening activity to customers demand. Company must have focus on customer-centricity & essential skills. You can excel in 2024 if you have customer at the center of their operations, insurance creates trust, & deliver loyalty to the customer.

4. Insurtech can adapt to diversity.

A diverse team and innovation can deliver better results. By focusing on a diverse customer base, insurtech can experience large growth.

In 2024, if you’re planning to start an insurtech company. So, expanding it on a global scale can increase the chance of cross-cultural expansion. 

This can increase the chance of foreign collaboration & promoting cultural intelligence to give opportunities around the world.

Benefits of Insurtech products in the market.

  1. Connecting business: Building a platform for policyholders, insurers, & vendors to share data for regulating business. Launching of a single platform can reduce number of parties involved in business, can reduce administrative cost, & facilitate enterprise with data management.
  1. Standardization can give efficient insurance claim setting strategies by managing it in one place. Digital transformation can streamline files that help in risk stratification. It can also increase integration of insurance companies with traditional causes.
  2. Use of high-quality analytics: Third-party data give insurers to manage risk, gets management, & uplift customer relations, ensuring better delivery of services.
  3. Fraud prevention can be achieved by smart contracts, data consideration, & explore management to insure costs each year. By using high-tech automatic technology, cost can be prevented. 
  4. Digital claim processing: This will ensure fast, secure, & transparent projects settlement with the help of online claims processing. Possible with the help of Ai in Fintech using better UX.

Upcoming technology trends in Insurance industry to start a company:

  1. AI : As per research, AI in insurance market is likely to rise by $45.74 Billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 32.56%. AI can transform claims, fraud detection, customer retention, & sales.
  2. Blockchain.
  3. Cybersecurity.
  4. Predictive Big data Analytics.
  5. IOT.

Types of Insurance companies that you can start in 2024.

  1. Life Insurance.
  2. Auto insurance.
  3. Health Insurance.
  4. Home improvement.
  5. Endowment plans.
  6. Travel Insurance.
  7. Education.
  8. Business.
  9. Vehicle insurance.
  10. Child Insurance.
  11. Liability.
  12. Unit-Linked insurance plan.

10 Insurtech companies to look for 2024.

  1. Zego - Provides Commercial car insurance. Pricing model on usage. Funding of $281.7 Million.
  2. Getsafe - Provides liability, property, & car insurance with the help of digitization. Funding of $115.9 Million.
  3. Ladder - Serves term life insurance policies. Happens with instant approvals. Funding of $194 Million.
  4. Shift Technology - Serves AI-powered fraud detection & agreement settlement for global insurance. Catering 100 customers over 25 countries. Funding of $540 Million.
  5. Next Insurance - Online insurance for self-employed and small businesses. The app provides insurance to 1300 professions, contractors, & fitness instructors. They reported 100,000 customers. Funding of $1.1 Billion. 
  6. Ethos life - Provides whole life & term life insurance policies. Applications accepted online. Funding of $414 Million.
  7. Bestow - Provides support for purchasing term life insurance products. Funding of $137.5 million.
  8. Element Insurance - Provides online insurance to customers by using AI & data analytics for reducing cost + elevating customer experience.
  9. Luko - Providing mortgage insurance to landlord insurance. Luko uses tools for transparent & instant process. Funding of $77.5 Million.
  10. Sensible Weather - Providing prevention against uncertain weather conditions & giving travel partners the correct selling reason. Revenue sharing models with travel brands like Collective Retreats.


Investing an insurance Product in the market can be challenging because we are experiencing macro economic conditions & high inflation due to recession persisting. 

But if you’re planning to launch one in the market. You must understand the niche, the target audience, & which insurance you’re dealing in. Your investors must be confident to invest in your Insurtech startup. Your Research, Analysis, and Business decisions must be accurate to kick-start your Insurtech in 2024.


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