Top 5 Fintech UX Design Trends for 2024
Fintech Design
January 24, 2024

  • Fintech is growing at the rate of 58% in 2020 to 80% in 2022 in the US.
  • Now Fintech Apps gives various ways to invest, save, share, & manage finances.
  • There is 38% increase in Fintech app use. As industry is adapting AI, & greater financial inclusivity in the market.
  • To make Fintech Apps work you may use APIs, Web-based solutions, & Mobile Application.

Top 5 Fintech UX Design Trends for 2024:

Develop a chatbot feature.

AI-powered support for quick problem-solving & personalized query. To enhance the customer satisfaction & reduction cost. You must focus on building a better experience on the app. So, Customer can share their financial concerns.

This chatbot can offer personalized recommendation, strengthened security, Routine-task alert, Marketing strategy, improved customer experience & stress-free financial procedures.

Fintech chatbots are actually used for digital payments, investment, Insurance, Financial management, & Ads.

Gamification feature & reward system.

Fintech app is a serious concept as no one wants to take risk with money. So, UX designers & app developers thought of making it more proficiently.

You can uplift the feature by adding points, adding challenges, & badges for making it more likeable.

Progress bar for keeping a record, achievement tab, for better success, & leadership board for motivation.

Scratch card for discounts offers for cashback & referrals for friends in contacts. Gamification in Fintech can boost your downloads.

Visualize the data & develop a Super App.

As an App developer or Fintech founder, you must know how to build UX design that can increase ROI.

To make your user spend more time on your App is only possible by fetching insights through data analysis.

By making data-driven decisions as a fintech startup can get the best solutions to make it more valuable. We can use charts, graphs, & other data visualization tools to get proper insights for the reports.

Biometric Technology & seamless on-boarding.

Feature of Biometric facial & voice recognition is used for making safety & better security options on fintech app.

After this function, you don’t need to make longer passcodes to get the App in use. Two-step authentication is important for user engagement & is the most in demand UI/UX fintech feature.

Getting an account is difficult on-site at the bank. So, Fintech apps focused on making it simpler at the onboarding.

Keyways to make it possible is by processing it into short steps for smooth understanding.

App must be user focused & give it an identity.

Having a unique identity of your fintech is essential, like of Payv, wise, phone pay, Gpay, & stripe. You must know the human intelligence to get the market attention.

Fintech must use data to personalize investment plans & financial goals to mitigate risk. Design it sharable so that people can transfer money & financial guidance to their friends or close ones.

Building a social community can give better feedback on the App. Your Fintech app developer should create valuable features in one go. 

3 Things to consider when designing for fintech.

Loading of screen.

Making it difficult to load for App user is not a good sign. So, try to apply the best user interface (UI). Keep in note that your app must work smoothly on IOS & android.

Apply Bright Colors.

Bright & shades with combination uplifts the background, interface, illustrations, & more. App should attract users mood, make strong impact on psychology, & introduces better product. This will increase profits for the particular fintech app.

UX designs must be 100% mobile-friendly

As there are 6.3 Billion smartphone users. So, select an experienced versatile app designers - The Alien Design.

12 Best Fintech UI Design strategies to consider.

  1. Focus on user behavior: Getting it right can revolutionize your fintech growth.
  2. Use the bright colors: Select your combination of colors for your App.
  3. Pick the right fonts for better interpretation. Use the font that can be understandable & unique.
  4. Hire the best fintech app designers for better market value.
  5. Visualize information for getting started. Getting the right idea is needed.
  6. Keeping this basic can make you attract the audience. Simple font is magical & get the targeted audience.
  7. Use Financial language for increase in ROI. Converting financial tone into simple words can increase sales.
  8. Consider security is the first priority. Because getting in risk can make it a big loss.
  9. Apply micro-interactions for efficient user interface.
  10. Add value to the business though the app by providing regular information to the user base.


If you’re planning to launch a fintech app, then the right UI/UX design can change your speed of growth. 

No one wants to experience the bad side effects of UI/UX design on the business marketing. So, let's get started with applying the high-quality design for the app.

An app developer must understand what you want to deliver to the market before starting the designing & developing part. You can book the excellent designer if you want at The Alien then it's our responsibility to make it a hit.

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